The Silent Engine

Sudhakar’s parents were deaf but nobody knew it. That is because nobody knew who Sudhakar Kamantha was. But that was until recently. With the music launch of the film “TUM BIN JIYA JAYE KAISE”, Sudhakar had become an overnight sensation. His début as a music director for this film had gotten him nominated for the […]

Blink Captain Blink

Two pairs of eyes were staring at each other. In a few more minutes she could win the war. His eyes were red as he stared into the frozen night. His trigger sharp reflexes had neutralised every sporadic movement of the enemy. As the cannons were aligning themselves to start the bombing, all he had […]


Rahul suffocates and murders Deepika with a towel. Then he looks at her body and murmurs “three”. A book falls as he picks up a photo frame kept on a table and looks at it. The photo frame has a photograph of Deepika in her wedding dress with her husband Mukul. Rahul smashes the photo frame […]

The Cure

She jumped from the hospital building. She had no wings. Her wheelchair stood looking at her from the window of her ward. She flapped her arms. Nothing happened. She kept descending. She opened her fists. A small white paper note flew out of it. She kept descending. She closed her eyes. She kept descending. All […]