The Cure

She jumped from the hospital building.

She had no wings.

Her wheelchair stood looking at her from the window of her ward.

She flapped her arms.

Nothing happened.

She kept descending.

She opened her fists.

A small white paper note flew out of it.

She kept descending.

She closed her eyes.

She kept descending.

All she had was faith.

She kept descending.

She kept descending.

She kept descending.

Suddenly an unusual flying creäture grabbed her by her shoulders and took her away.

The creäture landed her on an island, hidden in the deep pacific.

The night was over.

The sun was rising slowly.

She got up and started to walk.

She reached the seashore.

Unaware of anyone, little Joshua was busy making a sand castle.

She looked at him, and tears came rolling out of her smiling eyes.

The End.

Fade to black

Credits Roll

(The song “Is it real” by the seatbelts playing in the background)


Sometimes death is the cure to life.

Sometimes there is life after death.


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