You know one day I was standing Just standing And searching my pockets To find an ounce of feelings You know Happiness Sadness Passion All those really wet and fiery stuff But I couldn’t find any So I took a piece of blade and Slit my nerves And Nothing No No There was something But […]


Every form was an abstract form at some time Every truth was a lie at some time Like a dream Freedom from logic True art has only truth and no logic logic is artificial truth exists with and without logic truth exists even if you cannot see it true art is the search for the […]


I liked it till the time it was Tough Till the time I kept Falling Making mistakes Crying Holding A broken heart Trying to find The shards Of a broken Puzzle I liked it till the time it was Tough Till the time I got bruised Till the time it hurt Till the time my […]

Buried Pollens

She does that when she falls in love with a man She runs away with strangers To strange places Doing strange things Living a life on the verge of resistance Courtship with her May last many years Involving a lot of Passionate Ambivalence Inspired by the writings of William S Burroughs And the paintings of Mark Rothko […]


She was hiding behind her big words Words that advertised her economic, scientific and social superiority Words that she used like missiles But slowly she had caged herself in her own prison She was the golden bird in her own golden prison Sobbing inside a warm blanket of comforts Modernity was like a girl Waiting […]

The Monkness

I am wearing jealousy tonight, My shoes are red and I might, Give you, A common cold, Cure? I’m not sure though If its silver or old But I have been told Exactly Nine-mean times, That  death in winters is like melting ice in the attics of Hidden woes Dirty jokes ! Missing sallies ? Picking […]

The Wish

It’s not easy pulling an arrow out of a wounded heart with each pull I die a little with each push I live a little I wish your yeses were yeses your nos were yeses and your maybe’s were yeses too I wish I could go back in time when you were a stranger and […]