Richie Hawtin and Tom Cruise are travelling in a metro train. Tom cruise is reading an animated graphic novel. Richie Hawtin is holding a motor pump flute. This is a mnemonic. It represents my thoughts on Honesty Minimalism Systematicism and Orderism Animated Graphic Novel Motor pump flute Automated transport system Today I was travelling in […]

A Progressive music society for India

I need to form a music society in India. It would focus on new music in India and chart its gradual progress. The Indian music scene is divided into two segments one copies the west the other follows tradition like a formula. Both of these trends are hindering the progress of music in India. The […]

Well my idea got busted

Vibrator Mouse A mouse for the deaf and the blind or any handicapped person who depends on skin/muscles sensation for communication/ perception with/of the physical world. These handicapped persons would be able to communicate through feeling the vibrations produced by this mouse. I need to make it and register it. I also need to make […]

An Urban Folk Band

Let me first explain the concept behind Urban Folk. First Let us see what folk is all about. Is it something that has existed around for ages? (Then it would be Classical I guess) Or is it something that is to do with the music in the rural societies. Now let us say that it’s […]