Richie Hawtin and Tom Cruise are travelling in a metro train.

Tom cruise is reading an animated graphic novel.

Richie Hawtin is holding a motor pump flute.

This is a mnemonic. It represents my thoughts on

  • Honesty
  • Minimalism
  • Systematicism and Orderism
  • Animated Graphic Novel
  • Motor pump flute
  • Automated transport system

Today I was travelling in the metro train and as usual I got a jolt of that paranormal energy. When I get these jolts I dream/vision of futuristic solutions to present day problems. Most of the time I write them down but in a crowded metro train it’s very hard to take your dairy out and write something. Therefore I thought of this mnemonic. As you can see now I am at my office table comfortably writing everything down. This made me realize that mnemonics are an excellent way to create symbols or a world of symbols. Systematic bols perhaps. I could use this memonicism to create story boards for my film or paintings. Then I realized that all the god and goddesses in Hindu temples are not real people but mnemonics of a philosophy. Now I think I have a better idea about creating my Mythotechno series. I am going to create world of characters inspired by the Hindu mythological world. But they are going to be depicted using modern technology and symbols. Kind of like using modern symbols to represent an older philosophy. A futuristic science fiction imagination based on ancient Hindu mythological characters. Linkin Park / Joseph Kosinski + Ancient India.

Now going back to the mnemonic. Why did I choose these Richie Hawtin and Tom Cruise and the other symbols? The following are the reasons

Why Richie Hawtin?

For me he represents two things i.e. minimalism and Systematicsm. I know that you are asking yourself now that what Systematicism is. Well Systematicism is a term I coined this morning. It represents a thought that has been lingering in my mind for a while now. You see nature is chaos mostly. And we as humans have dedicated ourselves to understand it. But how do you understand chaos. You can’t. You can’t be superior to nature hence you can’t tame it. It will destroy everything that you create. But still to make our lives more comfortable we have numerous ways. The essence of those solutions is to bring order in chaos. Order or placing a system in place that is in our control. This helps in predicting things and simplifying thins. That is the reason why you like to see a triangle filled with ink rather than a blob of ink on paper. Therefore we have language and not unintelligent murmuring collection of sounds. Therefore we live in houses and not caves. That is why we have maths. So it’s pretty clear that Humans want order and Systemactism because it’s more efficient. Richie Hawtin’s music represents that thought for me. He also represents minimalism. Minimalism is subtraction. You subtract till you find the basic core pillars on which your design should stand. Minimalism is looking at a human and realizing that it’s just a machine-made out of flesh and bones. Minimalism is looking at music a realizing that it’s just a collection of audio symbols played in an order.

Why Tom Cruise?

To me he represents honesty. Look at the following interview and you will see that he is a very honest man. He is in tune with himself and his purpose in this world. He is not trying to sell you short. He is selfish but not greedy. He is assertive and not arrogant. He is a perfectionist but not a dictator. He is compassionate and forgiving. These qualities are vital for every one of us. He is a representation of the kind of human that I would like to be. But he isn’t the only one. There are others as well. But for the time being for me he represents all those qualities. I look at him and I immediately realize how I should behave. He is my personality idol. I want to be an honest, compassionate individual who respects other as much as he respects himself.

Why the Animated Graphic Novel?

The animated graphic novel is another project that I would like to start soon. The idea is to create a small card like device. No bigger than an A6 size paper. It would have a headphone slot or maybe you could use a blue tooth headset with it. It would play the visuals of a graphic novel one by one as you press a button. The visuals will be played along with audio content. The audio content will comprise of audio dialogues, special effect sounds, and music. Innovative Transitions will be used in-between two shots. These transitions will play a big part in playing those shots. This idea of using innovative transition is inspired by the work of Brendan Cahill. You can have a look at his work if you go through the following link Outside The Box by Brendan Cahill

Maybe I could work with him to create this project. Why do I want to make this? The reason is simple “nothing can beat the feeling of reading a comic book page by page”. But how can we do it with modern technology. You see our modern cell phone technology is depriving us of tasting the variety of visual flavors available to us. Instead it’s limiting our experiences. Everything can’t and should not be confines to your mobile phone screen or your laptop. I want to bring back the collector culture. I liked the way we use to collect stamps and coins. It was so much fun to hold tangible objects in your own hands.

What is the Motor Pump Flute?

It is a simple device that uses modern technology to play a flute. A motor pump is used instead of a human lung to blow air into a flute. The speed of the air flow is controlled by the use of a special motorized valve. The valve and the pump are controlled by a handheld remote. The note holes of the flute are also controlled with the use of special lids. They are operated by the use of a remote control. A similar set of devices are then prepared each for a piano, a drum kit…etc. then we use traditional sheet music to instruct these machines through a software program. At last we get the feel of a live band playing for us the music that we want.

What is an automated transport system?

Nowadays we have the metro train system. The metro system is efficient but in a place like India it fails. The reason is a huge population. Everybody wants to reach on time. Everybody is unsystematic. Most of them don’t care about you. Rather than being selfish they become greedy and behave like animals. To cure-all this we need a new robust system. You see humans have a tendency to fuck things up and that is because we are dominated by emotion and not logic. Also humans get tired, restless, angry, greedy…etc. Humans cannot follow orders rigidly whereas machines can. In certain situations machines are much more efficient than humans. So the automated travel system is a process of bringing the most efficient automated machines to the transport system. But how do we do that? We automate everything. We build giant tunnels that are like escalators from one part of the city to the other. The escalators never stop. When one is switched off then the other is switched on. The movement is constant. Now how do we fit the traveler in this system? We introduce a card system. The traveler swipes the card in a machine then feeds in the destination. A small chair enclosed in a cabin arrives. The passenger sits inside. Then the cabin automatically aligns itself with the travelling tunnel. It enters automatically and then it exits automatically at the desired location. Simple as that.

Cheers !


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