Who is Waadee Krax Seagull ?

Namaskār ,

This is Waadee Krax Seagull.

Waadee pronounced as  Wothee i.e. “Waa” as “wa” in was and “dee” as “thy” in healthy.

I am a boy who likes to daydream.

I live in New Delhi, India.

Someone I did not want to forget but whose words still echo in my subconscious named me Waadee Krax Seagull.

Waadee means a valley in Hindi. Waadee is also the term for the tonic or the king note in any Hindustani Music Scale.  Also,  a person who plays a Waadyantra i.e. instrument emitting sound waves, is known as Waadee.

The meaning of Krax is still unclear.

Seagull is my surname perhaps because just like Mr. Jonathan Livingston Seagull I might have a similar, purposeful existence. Coming from a family of sea traders. They say my great- great- grandfather travelled from Siam to the coast of Kalinga. Along his travels he kept many pets. One of his favourite was a seagull named ” BunMa”. He had met him during a voyage. Unlike other seagulls “BunMa” wasn’t interested in food. He would come near him every time he played his flute. One day the flute broke. BunMa didn’t realise this and so he kept waiting for grandpa to play his flute. BunMa stood waiting at his place for a few days before he died out of weakness. It is said that he asked BunMa to be born as his great great grandchild and that he would train him to be a musician. From that day onwards every member of our family must learn to play one music instrument.

I am a moody musician. Sometimes I write music using words, sometimes using sounds, sometimes using colors and forms, sometimes using still pictures or moving pictures.

You are free to use the knowledge shared in the preceding pages of this blog for educational purposes only. The idea is to learn and teach to everyone from everyone. Let the world be a school full of teachers and students.

Waadee at the Pangong Tso, circa 2013

Pangong Tso, circa 2013

Roman River God

the judgement of paris raimondi


Cheers !!!


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