Every form was an abstract form at some time Every truth was a lie at some time Like a dream Freedom from logic True art has only truth and no logic logic is artificial truth exists with and without logic truth exists even if you cannot see it true art is the search for the […]

Art is a burger…

There was a time when art was truly about the expression of the self. That time was called childhood. When you become an adult then you realise that true art never reaches the masses. True art is killed by the marketing forces as soon as it is born. The stuff that is served to us […]

A lesson from an apple tree !

An apple tree is an immobile creäture, but even then it is able to live without earning money. But how does it do that? Let’s go back to the beginning. In the beginning the apple tree had no apples. It was a fruitless tree. It drank water, soaked the sunlight during the day and slept […]