the oneness

So I have this weird 6th sense.

I have this ability to dream unintentionally.

People look at me and think that I am ignoring them.

But I am not.

They think I am absent-minded but I am not.

I sit at a corner while I am traveling in the metro train or while I am driving or while I am riding my motorcycle…sometimes even when I am shitting in the loo.

I get these dreams.

I like them and I watch them.

I write them down.

I tell them to my friends.

All of my friends and family know about this power I have.

You will always see me in a day dreaming like haze.

Not fully present here and now.

Always walking around with my head down, muttering to myself or engrossed in some deep thought.

Sometimes you will find me in a city corner just jotting things down on a notepad.

I have I think about a shelve full of these notepads.

I can’t throw them.

They have all these notes about these dreams or visions that I have time to time.

I don’t know what to do with this power.

I dream of these things.

Work on them for a while.

Then leave them half way through, out of my laziness.

And then voilà after a few years someone else from another part of the world comes up with the same idea.

And I fee completely betrayed by my own inefficient self.

But gradually I am realising that I am also connected to these individuals.

I don’t know what would happen if I meet them.

But I can certainly dream their dreams before them or after them.

But we are connected in some wired mystical way.

Some of my dreams that have come true all by themselves.

Below are a few of the dreams that came true.


Marina Abramovich:

I have told this dream to my father and my friends, Dimpy, Shiraz …and others. About this dream of a few people entering a temple like place. Then entering into a place which is filled with nothing. They go to an underground location. Deep beneath the ocean. Dimpy called it a modern interpretation of “Noa’s Ark”. I don’t think so. It is about something much more than that. Something much more universal. Present in the void between our-minds and the creator of this universe. Marina talks about such a project at 10:11. Belive me I have been working on a film script to début as a film director. And this was my dream. A little different but very similar. I dreamed it somewhere around in 2012.



Radio head video:

This dream came to me when I was in the final year of my film school . The year was 2011. It’s about a guy who gets lost in a door puzzle. As he opens one door he enters a room. then he opens the door and enters another room. He is chasing a voice that only he can see. I was sure that after I have saved up enough money, I will make a sort film on this. But I think I am late now. Anyways my vision was very similar to the following music video by Radiohead. I have the proof. It’s in my diary.

Digital Sundial:

So I have been working on a project with my mentor Mr Nicholas Hoffland. The project involves shadow art. Even my friend Shiraj knows about this project. In it I make a giant sundial sort of a sculpture. As the sun revolves around the earth, the mirrors and the unique contours of the sculpture produce a moving image of a galloping horse. I left it in the middle because of my lazy self. Then voilà a few years later this guy comes up with this amazing invention. Congratulations to him. I wish I would have worked on this a little more speedily and lovingly.



As I have said earlier. I am not lying. I have been writing my dreams down. I have been having these dreams. I don’t know why. But I have this wired 6th sense.

Maybe just like “Hildegard of Bingen” I will someday find the true use of my supernatural powers.


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