A lesson from an apple tree !

    • An apple tree is an immobile creäture, but even then it is able to live without earning money. But how does it do that?
    • Let’s go back to the beginning. In the beginning the apple tree had no apples. It was a fruitless tree. It drank water, soaked the sunlight during the day and slept in the night. It had only one goal i.e. to live happily everyday by soaking the sunlight and drinking the water. But then one day there was no sun, nor was there any water. The apple tree suffered a lot of pain in those days. This made the apple tree very very scared. The apple tree pledged that it would never ever suffer like that again and so he started looking for a solution. The apple tree created a product. The product was called an apple. The apple served the following purpose.
      • It created a market
      • It carried the seeds of the apple tree, so that the apple tree could re-produce.
    • Now how did the apple tree created that market. You see it observed that in the surrounding environment there were these creatures which unlike him could move. And so he realised that these creäture could help him live a happier life. They could bring him water when there was no rain. They could bring him nutrients that he had finished absorbing. They could protect him from harmful diseases and other types of harm.
    • But how could he make them do all that. He had no money. What could he give them in return?
    • He started to observe them more and more. Then one day he realised that these mobile creäture were also dependent on sunlight and water energy. These other creatures performed an activity called eating to replenish themselves with some energy. They liked to eat. Sometimes these creatures would munch on his leaves when they wanted some energy. He did not like this though. The tree knew that the leaves contained energy. In order to attract his new-found customers the tree bloated the leaves by injecting them with energy until they were round and big. And so at first he created an unnamed fruit like product. But nobody came to eat his fruit. He realised that he needs to educate his customers about his product. So he thought of advertising about his product. But an apple tree has no mouth and so it could not speak to its customers. He realised that by making the fruits fall on the ground he could make some noise and thus attract some customers. But even this method failed. Nobody came to eat his fruit. Then after a few more days of observational research, he realised that he could colour the fruit with a bright colour to attract the customers. And so he painted all of his apples with a bright red colour. This attracted a few customers. They all ate his apples but they threw them after chewing for a while. They said “sweetheart your fruit tastes like nothing”. So he filled his new apples with various nutrients. The addition of nutrients gave the apple a unique flavour. He found a loyal customer base. They would come and eat his fruits every day. In return of that they would provide him with water and protect him from harm. But sometimes his customers would eat the unfinished fruit. So he added a scent to the fruits that were ready. Unlike him the scent could travel and communicate to its customers that the fruit was ready to be eaten. And so this is how the immobile creäture called “tree” found a way to travel even without legs. His seeds started travelling to distant lands and found a lot of water and sunlight and protection. Some say that he lived up to a 100 years. Some say that he is still alive. Let me know if you find him. I need some apples for my apple pie.

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