The Pillow Book – Critical Appreciation

What a magical film. I would want a lover like her. And if I had one then I would have painted her with moving pictures. I would have written music on her shoulders with rhyming words from Urdu, Hindi and Oriya. I would have used her body like the negatives of celluloid film. Exposing it […]

Elements of a Classical Narrative

ACT 1 = Beginning/introduction/the main question Introduce a question and the characters e.g. there is a prince, there is a princess, there is a monster. He needs to kill the monster to save the princess. How would he kill the monster? ACT 2 = The Middle/the rollercoaster ride/ the path / the hurdles / the […]

Budget and Diabetics

Imagine that you are pie-maker and not a film-maker. In you world there is only one place that you can sell the pie at i.e. the hospital for Diabetic patients. It’s a very small hospital with a staff of two and about ten patients.  At the hospital only two people can have your pie i.e. […]