Stroh violin

There is something about mechanical instrument that gets me exited especially music instruments. Man has come a long way in devising clever ways to amplify sound but the time before the digital era was certainly amazing. The varieties of mutated inventions just tweak my artistic knob. I remember as a child I use to make plans of how I would build a giant […]

Actally the Mridangam seems like a Slap Bass

Check out video – abhiskek raghuram, carnatic vocalist, chennai, Grandson of mridangam master Palghat Raghu, Jalsa series, cochin, kerala The Mridangam introductory tutorial This guy here tells you about the basics of  the Mridangam The Rock of Ages Just skip forward on this one…this guy plays some awsome Mridangam later. Its like a rock band from the […]