I hate you !

Poorvi and Mukul are sitting at their respective tables. POORVI – I hate you. Mukul does not know if Poorvi is talking to him. POORVI – I hate you. MUKUL – Me? POORVI – I just want you to know that I hate you. MUKUL – Wh-? Do I? Do I know you? POORVI – […]

Actally the Mridangam seems like a Slap Bass

Check out video – abhiskek raghuram, carnatic vocalist, chennai, Grandson of mridangam master Palghat Raghu, Jalsa series, cochin, kerala The Mridangam introductory tutorial This guy here tells you about the basics of  the Mridangam The Rock of Ages Just skip forward on this one…this guy plays some awsome Mridangam later. Its like a rock band from the […]