Finding Similarities

Sometimes things appear in front of me out of nowhere. I have been ignoring them for some time. But then I thought of preserving them. So here are the few observations that I keep making automatically. The list is progressive i.e. new findings will be added to the list as time passes. But please make […]


I liked it till the time it was Tough Till the time I kept Falling Making mistakes Crying Holding A broken heart Trying to find The shards Of a broken Puzzle I liked it till the time it was Tough Till the time I got bruised Till the time it hurt Till the time my […]

Buried Pollens

She does that when she falls in love with a man She runs away with strangers To strange places Doing strange things Living a life on the verge of resistance Courtship with her May last many years Involving a lot of Passionate Ambivalence Inspired by the writings of William S Burroughs And the paintings of Mark Rothko […]

The Silent Engine

Sudhakar’s parents were deaf but nobody knew it. That is because nobody knew who Sudhakar Kamantha was. But that was until recently. With the music launch of the film “TUM BIN JIYA JAYE KAISE”, Sudhakar had become an overnight sensation. His début as a music director for this film had gotten him nominated for the […]

A lesson from an apple tree !

An apple tree is an immobile creäture, but even then it is able to live without earning money. But how does it do that? Let’s go back to the beginning. In the beginning the apple tree had no apples. It was a fruitless tree. It drank water, soaked the sunlight during the day and slept […]


She was hiding behind her big words Words that advertised her economic, scientific and social superiority Words that she used like missiles But slowly she had caged herself in her own prison She was the golden bird in her own golden prison Sobbing inside a warm blanket of comforts Modernity was like a girl Waiting […]

Blink Captain Blink

Two pairs of eyes were staring at each other. In a few more minutes she could win the war. His eyes were red as he stared into the frozen night. His trigger sharp reflexes had neutralised every sporadic movement of the enemy. As the cannons were aligning themselves to start the bombing, all he had […]