The Silent Engine

Sudhakar’s parents were deaf but nobody knew it.

That is because nobody knew who Sudhakar Kamantha was.

But that was until recently.

With the music launch of the film “TUM BIN JIYA JAYE KAISE”, Sudhakar had become an overnight sensation.

His début as a music director for this film had gotten him nominated for the “GOLDEN PETAL AWARD” for best music direction.

This award was all that had mattered to Sudhakar for the past 15 years.

All the band rehearsals.

All the music equipments.

All the music classes.

All the pocket-money.

All the girlfriends that he had left.

All the motorcycles that he had not bought.

All the Jagran shows.

All the TVC jingles.

All his scarifies were for this one goal “THE GOLDEN PETAL AWARD”.

But he lost it.

The award went to somebody else.

He was devastated.

In spite of that Rahul Johori the producer asked him to compose music for his next film.

But a drunken Sudhakar told him that he was retiring and would not be making music anymore.

Rahul’s persistence only made it worse.

But before things got out of hand Sudhakar had left.

He quietly opened the door to his house and went straight to his room.

But the torture wasn’t over yet.

It was 9 pm and one of the neighbours was playing his music.

He wanted to yell at them, but he didn’t.

He took a shower to calm himself down.

But then he realised that the sound was actually coming from his parent’s bedroom.

He quietly opened the door to their bed room.

His mum and dad were playing his CD and shaking their heads, kind of like doing a vertical head banging.

He went closer and saw that they were dancing to the rise and fall of the graphic visualisation bars in the stereo display.

He didn’t waste a second more.

He quietly walked backwards to his room.

He picked up his phone and dialled a number.

Sudhakar speaking on the phone “Hi Rahul, Sorry I was a bit drunk at that time. When do you want me to start the recordings?”


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