Finding Similarities

Sometimes things appear in front of me out of nowhere. I have been ignoring them for some time. But then I thought of preserving them. So here are the few observations that I keep making automatically. The list is progressive i.e. new findings will be added to the list as time passes. But please make a note that theses are just my personal observations. They may or may not be true.

  • Finding 1
    • The starting violin piece of the songs “Choti Si Asha” from the film Roja and the starting violin piece of the song “When love and hate collide” by Def Leppard are very similar
  • Finding 2
    • The instrumental version by Kenny G of the song “Besame Mucho” is very similar to the melody of the song “Yeh Sama Sama Hai Yeh Pyar Ka” from the Hindi film “Jab Jab Phool Khile”. “Yeh Sama Sama Hai yeh Pyar Ka” is based on an Indian Raga i.e. Raag Kirwani and Bessame Mucho is a Mexican Bolero. The song Besame Mucho is itself inspired by the piano piece “Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor” (aka The Maiden and the Nightingale) from the 1911 suite Goyescas by Spanish composer Enrique Granados, which he later also included as Aria of the Nightingale in his 1916 opera of the same name.
  • Finding 3
    • The story of the Hindi film “Ghanchakkar” by Rajkumar Gupta is very similar to the story of the film “Trance” by Danny Boyle. Incidentally Ghanchakkar was released on 28th March 2013, and Trance was released on 27th March 2013.
  • Finding 4
    • Women like gold, diamonds and other shiny and financially valuable stuff. Women like men who are like diamonds or like gold. In short something that is rare ( hard to get), shiny and valuable.
  • Finding 5
    • Miley Cyrus’s hair style looks like it was inspired by the hairstyle of Richie Hawtin.
  • Finding 6
    •  “High hopes” has this violin or synth melody. It is played behind Gillmor’s guitar lead. Even the piano repeats its. Then Gillmor repeats it around 06:15. In the song “Feel” by Robbie Williams, there is a similar violin piece. It’s a bit sped up. But it seems very similar. It comes around 3:41.
  • Finding 7
    • Red hot chilli peppers. The song Give it away has the same bass line as Apache Rose Peacock.
  • Finding 8
    • The song “Another Day” by Air has a melody that is very similar to the melody of the song “Silicone” by the band Mono.

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