Look Alikes

So this is my ongoing investigative and observational account of some stuff that peculiarly depends on my wired brain synapses. I don’t know why it happens but it does. So I might as well keep a note about it in the hope that some people may find it useful someday. May be some scientists. You […]


Richie Hawtin and Tom Cruise are travelling in a metro train. Tom cruise is reading an animated graphic novel. Richie Hawtin is holding a motor pump flute. This is a mnemonic. It represents my thoughts on Honesty Minimalism Systematicism and Orderism Animated Graphic Novel Motor pump flute Automated transport system Today I was travelling in […]

Finding Similarities

Sometimes things appear in front of me out of nowhere. I have been ignoring them for some time. But then I thought of preserving them. So here are the few observations that I keep making automatically. The list is progressive i.e. new findings will be added to the list as time passes. But please make […]


Just getting ready for a ride makes me scared and excited at the same time. I go through my ritual of starting my bike and listening to the pulse of the engine . The smell of petrol turns me on. I check the brakes, the gears, the lights. I clean the visor of my helmet to […]