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Just getting ready for a ride makes me scared and excited at the same time. I go through my ritual of starting my bike and listening to the pulse of the engine . The smell of petrol turns me on. I check the brakes, the gears, the lights. I clean the visor of my helmet to get the bugs off it. I put on my gloves and sometimes my jacket. I don’t mind crashing. But then sometimes I say the a little prayer to make the thoughts of crashing go away. I look at the road , the sky and then take a deep breath. WP_001051 (3)As I pull away the old feeling comes back and the readjustment of knowing where the gas and brake and clutch is comes back to me easily. I know I have to ride easy for a while until the tires warm up so they will grip better when I take the turns. I ride slowly to get the feel of the bike again, test the brakes, and get a feel for the throttle, until I feel all is well.

Now I am in the curves of the road. I know if I go deep into the curves, then shift my weight and push on the handle bars all at just the right instant I can make this curve a thing of beauty and grace. I feel more graceful on my motorcycle than I do anywhere else.

DSC01020 (2)

Little Red Riding Hood



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