Everything that makes sound is a musical instrument

If you call yourself a musician then you should be able to take anything that makes a sound and then make music with it. Just like our forefathers did it with sheep gut and wood (Oudh, Tabla) or like the grand daddies of hip hop did it with Vinyl records and Vinyl record players or like our big brothers a few decades back did it using sounds from a computer. So just look for stuff near you that make sound and use it to create music. And don’t just stick to musical instruments. Everything that makes a sound is a musical instrument. Like words, if you can make music using words then make it and they should call you a poet. A rapper is a poet too. He makes music using words but he focuses more on the rhythm rather than the pitch. A singer focuses on the pitch. But that’s all you need Variation in Pitch and Variation in Rhythm and Voila you have music. The same goes for film editors. You play with the duration (long take or short take) and size of a shot (LS, MS, CU and or also the colour of the shot) and Voilà you have visual music. So keep at it. Its music. Just  fuck all the rules and just have a ball. Do whatever satisfies you and only you. No audience no producer no mom no dad no brother no sister only fucking you. That’s all you want and the rest of them will or should eventually like you for your style. If they don’t then don’t worry they don’t deserve it. Your pie is for yourself to cook and eat. If anybody wants a share feel free to give it to them but don’t make it just to please them. Please yourself first. If you don’t like it then it doesn’t matter if the whole world likes it. Just like the old cave man made noise because he was getting bored. So he banged and banged and banged the deer bone on the tree log with all his heart and soul. Till the time he started enjoying it. Then the others came and called it music. So go on bang something.


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