Before you say “Hello”

Fundamental principles to handle people · DO NOT CRITISEZE THEM This will only make them defensive and in return will harm you · EGO The reason behind every human effort be it charity or robbery Nobody wants to be a Nobody · AROUSE ENTHUSIASUM Appreciate and encourage Praise them and swell their ego · DO […]

An Urban Folk Band

Let me first explain the concept behind Urban Folk. First Let us see what folk is all about. Is it something that has existed around for ages? (Then it would be Classical I guess) Or is it something that is to do with the music in the rural societies. Now let us say that it’s […]

God ,Art and Hope

“It is easy to see beauty in a blooming red rose or in the clear blue sky with cotton like clouds or in a pond full of Koi fish But it takes an artistic urge to understand the beauty inside a thunderous stormy sky, or the beauty in a corpse of a dying tree or […]