God ,Art and Hope

“It is easy to see beauty in a blooming red rose or in the clear blue sky with cotton like clouds or in a pond full of Koi fish
But it takes an artistic urge to understand the beauty inside a thunderous stormy sky, or the beauty in a corpse of a dying tree or in the color of blood or that of a rusted piece of junk” Waadee Krax 1/06/08

“The tendency to understand the beauty inside the most unusual of circumstance is like a predecreemented symbol of finding hope in the dire of situations”
* Decree = One of the eternal purposes of God, by which events are foreordained.

The Concepts of Hope
Hope is god because hope is every where, even in a face with a hopeless expression there is hope, we invented the concept of god in order to have faith or hope that there is some purpose to all this chaos and creation.
That is the only reason why we have this insuppressible desire to bring order in chaos, so that we can observe the purpose behind our existence. The Egyptians created the great pyramids because they hoped of a after life .We Hindus or for that matter any religion teaches you to reach moksh in hope of finding a higher purpose, scientists like Einstein, Hawking and others have dedicated their lives to teach us to hope for a solution in this parallel mystery of this parallel cosmos,
The future is another concept that teaches us to hope and to wait for an answer favorable to us .we measure time so that we can hope that we are part of a constant process a rhythmic change.

Time is also a concept of hope


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