An Urban Folk Band

Let me first explain the concept behind Urban Folk. First Let us see what folk is all about. Is it something that has existed around for ages? (Then it would be Classical I guess) Or is it something that is to do with the music in the rural societies.
Now let us say that it’s a kind of music that is found in villages

Now if the people from villages were able to create music and have a genre dedicated specially to their style, then what about the people living in the cites. There must be some kind of music that was born here, in the streets of the New Delhi. Is it rock n roll…nah that’s too American …I mean is there really such a thing…. and if there is what do we call it?

In Hindi, Lok geet is the name for folk songs, which means people’s song. But isn’t it ,that every music is by the people and for the people. Yes it is. So then what is so special about Folk songs and further more why is there even a separate genre

The Psychology Behind Music
When you are unable to fully express yourself through speech, you tend to sing and when you are again unable to express yourself fully through songs, you tend to dance.

Now I believe that music is a very human phenomenon and weather be it somebody from the village or the city, every one sings at some point in their life.

We musicians are just ordinary people, who like to do it everyday. But what about a guy who is not a musician but is from the city and wants to sing.

Now this is what we have been looking for here “Lok geet or Folk songs are speeches from the hearts of ordinary people who had an urge to sing”

Urban folk would be a new genre that would focus on the feelings of ordinary people living in the cities.

I want to form an Urban Folk Band and I imagine the personel as,
Vocals…someone who has knowledge of Hindi ragas and poetry
Percussion…Tabla, Dholak, Drums
Bass…me on slap grove bass
Keyboardist for all the hocus pocus


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