Just getting ready for a ride makes me scared and excited at the same time. I go through my ritual of starting my bike and listening to the pulse of the engine . The smell of petrol turns me on. I check the brakes, the gears, the lights. I clean the visor of my helmet to […]

The Cure

She jumped from the hospital building. She had no wings. Her wheelchair stood looking at her from the window of her ward. She flapped her arms. Nothing happened. She kept descending. She opened her fists. A small white paper note flew out of it. She kept descending. She closed her eyes. She kept descending. All […]

The Pillow Book – Critical Appreciation

What a magical film. I would want a lover like her. And if I had one then I would have painted her with moving pictures. I would have written music on her shoulders with rhyming words from Urdu, Hindi and Oriya. I would have used her body like the negatives of celluloid film. Exposing it […]