Why casting a non-star should be a useful tool?

  •  1stly is there such a thing as an A list star and if there is such a thing called an ‘A list star’ then what are its characteristics? Also are there any films which don’t have ‘A’ list stars.
  • 2ndly an newcomer or a non-actor costs less than an ‘A-star’.
  • 3rdly if you are not an A list star then it’s a good thing.

Well it all started sometime in 1909 perhaps. With the studio system of film producing gradually becoming a major business, there came a great insecurity ‘The insecurity of competition’. Edison tried to kill its competition by tying them up in litigations and copyright issues. The new studios moved to California i.e. Hollywood to escape the conflict. All of them escaped the conflict but not the competition. Different film studios came up with different marketing tools or USPs i.e. unique selling propositions. Some made darker whodunit movies called film noir, some made light comedies, and some made action adventure films called westerns. The ‘A list star’ was also a marketing tool created during this time.

  • What are the characteristics of an ‘A list star’?
    • They should know how to act i.e. ready to follow directions at command, like a soldier.
    • They should look perfect for their part i.e. good looking for a glamorous role, villainous looking for a villainous role, funny looking for a funny role etc…
    • They should be laborious and committed.
    • But above all an ‘A-list star’ should be an USP i.e. they should be unique.
      • To make them unique the studios made them sign contracts bounding them to act only in their films.
      •  They invested heavily to glamorize them, to make them seductive and persuasive to lure audiences. The P&R routine. They trained them to become ‘A list stars’.
      • All in all an A list star is a product created to create buzz. Anybody can be made into an A list star. A lie if repeated enough times becomes a truth. Bombarding the audience with propagandist statements convinces them that the face they are looking at is an A list star. P&R or propaganda is the force behind an A list star. Similar to the prostitutes (as mentioned in the book Superfreakonomics) of 18th century brothels in America or the battle heroes of the World war. Diamonds are costly because they are rare. Similarly a film with an ‘A list star makes the film a rare and exclusive treat.
  • Do we really need ‘A’ list Stars to make our films Unique?
    • In fact you would come to realize that it’s the absence of an ‘A list star’ that’s going to make your film exclusive. A sculpture made with diamonds should be a priced possession and thus all sculptures should be made out of diamonds if the artists wants to make money out of its sale. But not all beautiful sculptures are made out of diamonds. And from that we can get the inspiration to make beautiful stuff out of non-costly things. A lot of artist use garbage to make art work. Garbage is not costly but if used in an intelligent manner makes the art work unique and precious. But non-actors are not garbage just as ‘A’ list stars are not diamonds.
    • All the ‘A’ list stars were unknown to the public once. They got their chance and became ‘A list stars’. All of them are talented but it’s not just their talent that has made them an ‘A list star”. They were like stones at first, raw and unpolished. They were then trained and polished to become ‘A list stars’. If you choose a non-actor then be ready to use their rawness or to train them to become an ‘A list star’. Anybody who has the potential of an ‘A list star can be trained to become one. Infact most of the newcomers are only waiting for that chance because they have all the other qualities. look at star children who have become ‘A list stars’! how are they any different?
    • Confining yourself to ‘A -list stars’ is equal to promoting  prejudice, castisum and monarchy. Everybody is equal and everybody deserves a chance.

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