Cinema is an audio visual medium

    • Cinema is an audio visual medium. We are supplying data to the audience in the form of visuals and audio. It important that we use the potential of both sound and pictures to the optimum. When shooting a scene I don’t want to show something that can be heard and I also do not want to make you hear something that I can show you visually. I think that is the real power of cinema. It’s critical that we associate cinema a with a language which uses both audio and visuals. I agree from a cinematographer’s point of view that the visuals should entirely tell a story without the help of sound. But for me it’s treating the language of cinema as a handicap or in other words handicapping the medium of cinema. Both the visuals and sounds are important. Also there should be a certain logic behind there usage. In my films visuals don’t replace sound and neither vice a versa but they complement each other. I treat the camera as a silent human like observer who thinks like humans but can move through different space at one time unlike humans. The camera is the Power of human thoughts personified. What is faster than the speed of light? The speed of though is faster than the speed of light. The camera is the personification of the power of speed of thought. I am providing both visual and aural information to manipulate the feelings of this silent human observer. I want him to feel curious, happy, sad, angry, afraid…etc at my command.
  • Suppose I have to shoot the following scene
    • Scene
      • Deepika reads the letter “on the table I have left some packets of bread, fruits, and a bottle of jam, two plates, two spoons, one glass and a bottle of water. Use them wisely”
      • Now there are two ways I can Shoot this scene
      • Method 1
        • I shoot Deepika reading the letter and as she names the objects on the table I cut to their close ups and have Deepika’s dialogue in the background.
      • Method 2
        • I shoot Deepika reading the letter and I don’t cut to any close ups. I keep the camera steady on Deepika. Since she is calling out the names of the object it not necessary to show them. The audience already knows what the words mean. I am focusing on what they would normally see when a person reads the letter. As you are watching these words, they also watch the person reading the letter.
      • Method 3
        • I neither show Deepika nor the close ups. I show her picking up the letter and starting to read and I cut to Rahul (the guy who wrote the letter) reading his bike as she reads the letter.
    • All the three methods are neither good nor bad. What is important here is the effect.
      •  When I apply method 1, I am following tradition. I am adding more meaning to the words she is saying. She says a bottle of jam and I show the colour of the bottle, I show the label of the bottle, I show the colour of the jam. All that gives depth to the word that she is reciting.
      • When I apply method 2, I am following nature. I am using the camera as a person’s eyes. As we normally only see the person and imagine the meaning of the words, I am doing the same by using method 2. I am allowing the audience to imagine and involve themselves in the moment.
      • When I apply method 3, I am following creativity. I am adding a third dimension to the whole event. The camera becomes an information giver. I make the audience experience two spaces at one time.
    • As a director it is my decision whether I choose methods 1, 2 or 3 to make the audience feel what I want them to feel. I have to know what emotion I want them to experience. I have to understand how the combination of these visuals and the sound would impact the audience.

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