Budget and Diabetics

Imagine that you are pie-maker and not a film-maker. In you world there is only one place that you can sell the pie at i.e. the hospital for Diabetic patients. It’s a very small hospital with a staff of two and about ten patients.  At the hospital only two people can have your pie i.e. the doctor and the guard.  Together they can only afford 10 rupees in total. So now your task is to make a pie within a budget of Rs 10.

If you analyse careful the production of a single pie requires the following elements

  1. Labour to create the pie and in return you need to pay these labourers some amount from the budget
  2. Delivery – after you create the product you need to deliver it to your customers. They are waiting for you to serve the pie because they think that their money should cover it.
  3. Your fee – you are a human being and to live properly you need food, shelter and clothing. You need to come up with a plan that helps you gather enough money that will sustain your life

That is why it is very important to know:

  1. Pie – what your product is
  2. The hospital staff – who are your customers
  3. Their affordability – how much can they pay to buy your product

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