Well my idea got busted

Vibrator Mouse

A mouse for the deaf and the blind or any handicapped person who depends on skin/muscles sensation for communication/ perception with/of the physical world. These handicapped persons would be able to communicate through feeling the vibrations produced by this mouse. I need to make it and register it. I also need to make software to decode what the mouse touches in the virtual world into vibrating signals that can be felt in the physical world. The whole effort of creating such a mouse is also to activate the sensory part of the virtual world.

The philosophical background of the concept

The idea came into my mind when I was meditating on “how all our sense came into existence and why did we need them in the first place?”I realized that if I believe that the human body is just a biomechanical machine developed by the genes to comprehend the physical world in order to survive then it might answer a few of my amusements. In order to survive the genes developed these organs to give us information about the physical world.

  1. To comprehend sound we have the ears (natural microphones).
  2. To comprehend light we have the eyes (natural cameras).
  3. To comprehend texture we have the skin (
  4. To comprehend odor we have the nose
  5. To comprehend taste we have the tongue
  6. To comprehend unusualness we have the sixth sense
  7. To comprehend movement/direction we have the vestibular system
  8. To comprehend temperature we have the Skin
  9. To comprehend space we have the kinesthetic sense

I was yet to make it and then my kismet ditched me. Seems like the idea had been there before and an individual by the name Greg Lipscomb has actually made such a device. As far as i could research I found that the project was concive and created in year 2005. found on this link http://www.diylive.net/index.php/2005/10/27/rumble-mouse/

Logitech has taken the idea to the market and its available as the ifeel mouse man http://news.cnet.com/Logitech-gets-touchy-feely-with-new-mouse/2100-1040_3-244673.html

Better luck ! Dam yeah !


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