A Progressive music society for India

I need to form a music society in India. It would focus on new music in India and chart its gradual progress. The Indian music scene is divided into two segments one copies the west the other follows tradition like a formula. Both of these trends are hindering the progress of music in India. The original musicians in India do not have a say. They don’t have a market nor they have a stage .This is very sad. All the Indian musicians have a duty to support the enrichment of original music in India. I want to form a society where musicians who would break new grounds would be appreciated. There we would discuss about the current scenario of Indian music’s status. We do not need to follow tradition as a formula. We need to innovate. We do not need to ape the west just because they are our favorites. The west and the east both provide us with music. But it is the job of musician to start a new style rather than copying anyone. This society would help these path breakers to evolve.


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