The Distant Bell

Searching for a new heart-break

I stumble upon your memories

Going for the same mistakes

I am stuck in a broken time machine 

This awkward “Me” won’t give up

Meaning and choices

Do they have the answers?

I am sorry Mr Neil Armstrong

I was the first to cry on the moon

I will take time but


I will forget you


The alarm bell will ring

I will wake up

And you

Will become

An ordinary women

For me

No longer will you be in my dreams

No longer will you inspire me

To stay awake

To meditate

On you

But till that time comes

I will do what lovers do

I will experience this intensity

In my mind I will hold you every night

Making love to you

And only the two of us will live in a distant planet

For a decade or so

Inside the isolation of deep space

Like two twins in a womb

And when I will come back to earth

You will be gone


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