A giant big Cock

I have got a giant big guy as my friend, whom you cannot see.

To see him you must unzip

My soul

Like a clue




I slip through everyday


Plane crashes

Head rashes

Pillow fights

Bumper stickers

Reminding me of the giants

The gentle giants

Playing inside my head

On a bed Of roses

I wait for the spring to come

For then maybe the thorns

Will stop the pain

That colour the red roses red

And my heart blue


Of red dead redemption


of love is injurious to your health

And smoking hot bomb shells

kill me

Instead of bill


I roam about

In doubt sometime and sometimes in clarity

That this body is just a machine

Made up of

Flesh and bones

And my soul is the operator

Who is on strike

Because I cannot solve

Nor dissolve


Figment of my imagination

In this

acidic Petri dish

of life



She closes the door


On my face

And I chase

Keep chasing

Broken promises

Hidden hearts

Yellow fevers

Painted farts

Lost darts

You see

All the good things in our lives

Happen by accident

And all the bad stuff

Are chosen by us

But then

Aren’t all the bad stuff suppose to kick us down

So that all the good stuff can pick us up

I think I am in too much of a hurry

Hurry in too much I am

Much too hurry am I

How much hurry is too much?

Oh it’s just a mad rush

To find the perfect fit

And the matching tantrums

Travelling from

Candies to crushes

Sailing the ailing

Love boat

Sailing the hollow

Noah’s Ark




Jumping from the finicky to the cynicky

From a rain forest to a concrete floor

From one failed heart-break to the next


Jumping from The Pirate Bay to the Apple store

Like marching sand dunes

Jumping from Titanics to Lead Zeppelins

Without Jimmy Page or Demi Moore

Strip teasing

Naked lies

Below the belt

Fire flies

She cries

In the rain

So that nobody

Can see her pain

And when nobody does

She cries again

And then it rains again


I don’t like

Her invisibility any more

My eyelids are wet and my

Feet are sore

And my voice is cracking

Like a broken record playing

An old black and white

Movie score

And nowadays even a Sunday is just like a Monday without a happy hour



This Thing

Who is invisible

But is easily hurt

Especially when he heard that Kurt

Was dead and

The hole was gone

From one failed heart-break to the next


Fighting an army of Julius Césars

With a pair of blunt scissors

I have got a giant big guy

As my friend

And to see him you need to unzip my soul because he is invisible.

His name

is Ego

Easy go

Easy Come


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