You know what’s the biggest secret ?

“Nobody has a clue about what they are doing. They are just doing stuff because there is a lot of pressure from the outside. But on the inside everybody is lost. Everybody is clueless. Just take a moment and see for yourself. You think you are in control. But you are not” said Stanely as he smiled at the surprise in her eyes. Hiding her surprise inside an expression of unfriendliness Kritika questioned him back “are you high mister?” Stanley took off his headphone and asked her “I am sorry, what did you say?”But before she could reply back the announcer announced that in a few moments the gates to the Rajiv Chowk metro station will open. Stanley said excuse me and left. To hide her disappointment Kritika looked at her watch. The time was 9:30 AM. She whispered to herself “Fuck its 9:30, and I don’t know what excuse should I give to my boss this time for being so late , Fuck” . A little boy’s shocking gaze was reading her up. He whispered a complaint in his mother’s ear. The mother asked to pay no attention to such uncultured people. In order to look busy and to cover up her awkward outburst of anger she quickly pulled up a pair of headphones and played some music. The music soothed her chaos. Kritika smiled while humming a melody and then said to herself “Forget it ! You know why do we have this ability to forget ? That’s right ! Cause if you remembered everything then nothing would be new. Cause its our ability to forget that makes us tolerant. Cause pain is inevitable but its nonetheless also forgettable”. These words just spilled out of her mouth and sprayed Kabir’s mind with splendor. Kabir was sitting nearby her and was completely mesmerized. He had never thought that his ugly mug could afford a girl like that to speak to him so profoundly. Kabir smiled at her with the smile of the tramp from the Chaplin film “City lights”. Kritika however realized that her station was near. She paved her way out through a wall full of Kabir like lookalikes. The announcer announced “Please Mind The Gap”


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