Rahul suffocates and murders Deepika with a towel.

Then he looks at her body and murmurs “three”.

A book falls as he picks up a photo frame kept on a table and looks at it.

The photo frame has a photograph of Deepika in her wedding dress with her husband Mukul.

Rahul smashes the photo frame on the ground.

He sneaks out of Deepika’s apartment.

He gets in his car at the parking lot.

He makes a call to the police and tells them that there has been a murder without disclosing his identity.

He breaks the phone into pieces with a hammer.

He drives out of the parking lot.

He throws the phone and the hammer away on the highway.

He goes to a bar and starts drinking.

The bar is a special bar for film fans. Rahul is a regular there.

He imagines his wife Swati having sex with his neighbour Mukul.

Rahul’s phone rings.

He looks at the phone and murmurs “two”.

He picks up the phone.

The call is from a police inspector.

The inspector asks him to come to his apartment right away.

Rahul starts to sweat.

Sparsh arrives to meet Rahul at the bar.

Rahul tells him that he needs to leave immediately.

He asks Sparsh to come along with him.

They reach the parking lot of his apartment building.

The entire area is crawling with police personals and an ambulance.

A team of paramedics carry the body of Deepika in a stretcher and put it in the ambulance.

Inspector Ram Charan is on the wireless.

He spots Rahul and Sparsh.

Ram Charan stops Rahul to tell him that they need to arrest his wife Swati.

Rahul breaks into tears and asks why?

Meanwhile, Mukul arrives handcuffed along with two police men, followed by Swati who is also hand cuffed.

Swati runs and hugs Rahul as soon as she sees him.

She cries and screams out loud that she didn’t murder Deepika.

The police try to take her away, but Rahul doesn’t let them.

Rahul talks to Ram Charan telling him that his wife is innocent.

Ram Charan tells Rahul that he has an evidence.

Ram Charan shows Rahul an MMS stored on Deepika’s phone.

The video shows Swati and Mukul meeting in a hotel room.

Swati looks at him and cries out loud “that does not mean I would murder her. Mukul is just an office colleague. It was just that one time at a party and I was drunk.”

Mukul also screams that he did not murder Deepika.

Rahul walks towards Mukul and tries to beat him up.

Sparsh and Ram Charan try to separate them.

The police puts Swati inside a police vehicle.

Ram Charan tells Rahul that they may call him at the police station after a few weeks to fill up some formalities.

The Police drive away.

Sparsh asks Rahul if he is OK.

Rahul asks him to leave him alone.

Sparsh looks at him and smiles.

Then he hands him over  a 1000 rupees note while saying “bravo you win”

Rahul looks at him angrily.

Sparsh keeps the money back in his pocket and leaves.

Rahul goes back to his apartment.

He switches on the TV and mutes the sound.

He pours a glass of gin for himself.

Then he stands at the balcony and looks out to the city.

Its night and a chilly breeze flows through his dark brown hair.

He whispers to himself “one” and then sips his drink.


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