Day by day her appetite was growing.

She first ate the food around her, then the tables, then the chairs, the walls, the sofa set, the TV, the fridge, the plants, the books, the motorcycles, the ex-boyfriends, the neighbors fucking pet, all the choking compliments, all the frandsheep requests, the ogling eyes of the bystanders, all the arguments, all her bad memories, all her ugly Facebook photographs, all her calories, all the Honey-Singh songs, all the politicians and the chat shows, all the Ekta Kapur TV serials, …..

Then one day she realized that there was nothing more left for her to eat anymore.

Tired and lonely from the jaw-breaking work, she cuddled herself and slept like a baby.

Like Snow-white she slept for a very very long time but unlike Snow-white she had turned blue from eating all that junk.

A merciful spider thought she was dead and spun a blanket of cobweb to save her from the cold.

A hundred Mondays passed.

Everybody forgot about her.

On a spring morning she woke up and had her cobweb cocoon for breakfast. Like a butterfly she had magically grown jet propellers that looked like wings. She flew across the seven seas. She flew to the moon and back. She made some friends in Pluto, Egypt and Cairo. Then she made few more friends in Mars, Neptune, Rishikesh and Alaska.  She also did a Skype call with her friends in Andromeda. There were others like her, with superpowers but sad faces. They all told her the same thing “with great powers comes great responsibility” and that all these years with all their superpowers all of them had failed to do one particular thing. These thoughts filled her mind as she ascended from Jupiter to Lajpat Nagar. She could not forget what her friends had told her that day. She decided that she would become more courageous. That she would be the magic and not wait for the magic. That she would regret the things that she did than things that she did not. She quickly took her keyboard and ate all the “14 backspace buttons”. She promised herself that she will write a short story every day. She will become the inspiration behind other people’s work. With her writing she would eat up all the “ignorance is bliss crap” in the world. And then she lived happily every after.


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