The prince and the monster

A prince lives happily in his farmhouse. He is pink, tall and prosperous.

A monster lives in the forest. He is black, short, rich and powerful.

The Prince works as a part-time police officer.

The prince has to kill the monster as an assignment.

In order to kill the monster, the prince climbs up a tall tree. He aims with his sniper rifle and fires a bullet but in the act he also falls from the tree. The prince breaks his leg and injures his head. The monster gets mildly wounded.

The prince is admitted in a hospital. The doctors discover that he has developed a phobia from heights. They shift him to a ground level ward. One day the prince overhears some doctors talking about a peculiar patient. This patient is so allergic to salt that his skin burns when it comes in contact with salt. The prince gets curious and sets out to check out the patient. However this peculiar patient is admitted in a ward at the 24th floor of the hospital. The prince tries to climb up the staircase to the patient’s room but fails because of his fear of heights and falls again.

A beautiful young nurse comes to his aid. The prince tells her about his phobia. She helps him every day to regain his strength, but he keeps on failing. She gifts him a video game as a mode of practice, to cure his phobia of heights. She also gives him medicines and treats him well. The prince eventually develops a crush on her but also grows addicted to the video game ,spending most of his money and time on it. Eventually, he gets bankrupt. He also realizes that instead of growing strong he has been growing weak. His employers fire him as he was unable to kill the monster and complete his assignment. The hospital throws him out as he is not able to pay his bills. The nurse cannot help him anymore.

The prince becomes a beggar. He hits the street and starts begging for a livelihood. He still spends his earnings on video games. One day he becomes very ill and faints. He wakes up to find a poor girl taking care of him. The poor girl is the princes of Beggarland. She tells him that it was the spurious medicines given to him in the hospital that have made him weak and addicted to the video games. He gets angry at her in disbelief. In order to prove her point she takes him to a charity function where the monster is the chief guest. Here, the prince sees the true colour of the nurse. The nurse was actually the secretary of the monster. The monster had sent her to eliminate the prince. The prince is heartbroken and shattered.

The beggar princess takes care of him. In his stay with the beggar princess he discovers how she had lost her entire family because of the monster. He gradually falls in love with her too but doesn’t tell her. He meets other victims of the monster who have come to live in Beggarland.

Beggarland is an underground colony formed by the survivors of various crimes committed by the monster. The Prince befriends them and listens to their grief-filled, heart-wrenching stories. They tell him stories about the monster being unkillable, and that many have tried in vain to kill him. They tell him how the monster is gradually mixing his spurious medicines in everyday food items such as milk and chocolates. They tell him how their countries became victim to the monster’s trendy food items causing most of their country men to become dumb and stupid. On the other hand, the monster has become powerful and rich by exploiting their dumbness. They tell him that the monster loves to eat fried baby boys and honey corn baby girl soups.  The prince vows to kill the monster and save his kingdom.

Along with the beggars the prince plans revenge. With his new team of friends the prince discovers that the patient at the 24th floor was none other than the monster himself .He remembers the conversation he had overheard between the two doctors about the peculiar patient on the 24th floor. The prince now knows the secret formula that would kill the monster. He observes every move of the  monster and how he avoids coming in contact with salt.

He gathers bottles of salt and sets off to kill the monster. The monster is alerted by his faithful secretary. The princess of the beggars fights with the secretary while the prince hunts to kill the monster. The beggars defeat the green army of the monster as they have become stronger under the leadership of the prince.  The monster is aware of the phobia the prince suffers from. The monster makes the prince chase him to the top of a skyscraper. The prince gets a jolt of his phobia and tries to escape but is helpless as the monster has closed all the doors. The prince loses his strength and falls on the floor. The prince shivers as the monster drags him on to a helicopter. The monster flies the helicopter and laughs at the miserable prince. In a final struggle the prince pours all the bottles of salt on the monster. The monster dies a painful death and the helicopter heads for a crash. The prince overcomes his phobia of heights, regains his strength and takes control of the helicopter and lands it perfectly.

He is greeted by the beggar princes. She kisses him. Everybody is happy.

End Credits

Unknown to anyone in the depths of the monster’s jungle in a dark cave lies asleep the duplicate clone monster ,only to rise as the bleeding nurse switches on its power supply.


Notes for a sequel :

The prince kills the monster only to realize a few years later that the monster was just like the prince once . He realises that he is slowly becoming just like the monster. Would he be able to kill the monster inside him ?

White is actually Black if you look from Black’s point of view and both are same if you look from mine.


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