Art is this space in our society where one can behave like a child. In this society we have created rules to help us survive physically as a group. But because of its limitations we lose the child in us. In our quest to survive physically our psychological self dies a slow death. We become adults and that urge to live freely, like we lived in our childhood days, gets suppressed. Art and other unexplored areas offer us that opportunity to become a child again. A place where you can make mistakes and practice full playfulness. Look at a two-year old playing around you and learn from them. They will teach you how to truly enjoy and participate in the creation of art. They know no boundaries and hence experience freedom that some of us will seldom re-experience again. Please practice some form of art. Otherwise you’re missing life’s real purpose. Or at least be in the presence of real art. Art that has not been created to be sold to you but that has been created out of playful love-making.


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