The Last of its Kind

Photo_Madame_X Patti Smith met Robert Mapplethorpe Marie-Thérèse Walter Marie-Thérèse Walter 1 Gala Diakonova-dali Francesco Clemente, Alba Clemente Édouard Manet’s painting Olympia Andrew Wyeth, the Prussian-born Helga Testorf

“Madame X”

Probably the rarest of its kind

I am the eccentric romantic bohemian artist

And you are my muse

At this stage of my life I feel a real sense of passion for you

But this feeling will be gone after a few months

And what a loss would it be

For you will never find a person like me again

For you will never be this young again

For I will never be this passionate for you again

For time will pass

And in the isolation of your older years you will regret loosing this opportunity of a lifetime

I can offer you only my honesty, passion and devotion.

Other than that I know of no other way to live

I am not asking you to marry me

I am not asking you to love me in return

I am not asking you to be anything but yourself

All I am asking is to  allow this lover of yours to give you an experience drenched in pure emotions

You are my goddess for the time

And I want to worship you in my own style

I want to paint a beautiful big portrait of yours

In doing so let me preserve

The hidden serenity in your face

The mellow denseness of your hair

The soft glimmer in your eyes

Let me preserve the chuckles of your laughter

The coarse melody of your voice

Sculpted out of pure passion

Let me turn you into a piece of art that for the coming centuries will become a symbol of pure passion

Please give me this opportunity

I promise you that this experience will be much more intense than “the Cube”

I promise you that when you will return from this experience I will forget you

I promise you that

Like this Video.

Every moment is flying past us.

I want to capture one such moment in stillness.

I won’t feel the way I feel about you forever.

At this phase in my life you inspire me.

Let this inspiration take shape and give us both precious memories.

When I grow old I want to remember you with a smile.

I want to remember you the way I see you now.

Let me absorb your essence in a painting.

Yes a person can influence an other person in such a way.


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