The process of acquiring a Censor certificate in New Delhi for short student films

The process of acquiring a Censor certificate in India for short student films

Finally I have a censor certificate for my first student film “Ghutan”. Now I am legally free to show my film publically in India. I can now broadcast it, telecast it, sell DVD copies…Etc. It was quite an experience to acquire a censor certificate. I am detailing the procedure for future student film makers so that they are prepared. I hope it helps!

  • File an application along with the following documents
      1. Five copies of the synopsis of the story
      2. One copy of the script (with dialogues written in Hindi for Hindi language films)
      3. Application form ( available online from the CBFC web site)
      4. Permission letter from your institution allowing you to apply for a Censor certificate. The letter should be printed on an official letter head of your institution.
      5. One DVD of the film. The DVD copy should have a counter showing the time duration. You can water mark it as “censor board copy”. Keep the water mark fairly to the right hand corner of the frame. It should be legible but not distracting the film view.
      6. DD in favor of Pay and accounts officer , Ministry of information and broadcasting, New Delhi. The amount of the DD is dependent on the duration of the film. Refer to the table 1.1 below for the amount.
      7. Label the back of the DD , DVD and the file properly with the following details

i.      Name of the film

ii.      Name of the director and producer

iii.      Contact of the Producer

  • Then you need to go to the regional officer, CBFC, third floor, Pariavaran Bhavan, CGO complex, New Delhi and submit the documents manually. Since it’s a government office the security is really tight. First you need to get a gate pass to enter the building. Call up the CBFC office after you reach the reception. Tell them about your film and they might tell the reception officer to give you a gate pass.
  • Submit the application along with the file. Don’t forget to assemble all your documents in one file.
  • They would take about 14 days to review the film and produce a certificate.
  • In case you want a certificate for the celluloid projection of your film, you would need to make a special arrangement for the celluloid screening of your film. You need to invite the review members from the board to come to the screening.

Table 1.1

Video Films – since most student festivals would screen your student film with a DVD, all you need is a Censor certificate for video projection.  As mentioned earlier for acquiring a Censor Certificate for celluloid you need to make special arrangements.

The data available in the table below was valid on 16 Sep 2011. The CBFC might have revised the fees later. Hence refer to the CBFC website for the fee applicable today.

Gauge Certification Fee (other than educational) Certification fee (educational) film Screening Fee
10 video 950 280 70
20 1850 560 140
30 3000 600 210
40 3700 740 280
50 4600 920 350
60 5500 1100 420
70 6400 1280 490
80 7400 1480 540
90 8900 1660 630
100 9200 1840 700
110 10100 2020 770
120 11000 2200 840
130 12000 2400 910
140 12000 2560 980
150 13700 2740 1050
160 14700 2940 1120
170 15600 3120 1190
180 16500 3300 1260
190 17500 3500 1330
200 18300 3600 1400

The Address for CBFC, New Delhi

Central Board for Film Certification

Third Floor

Pariavaran Bhavan

CGO complex

New Delhi

Phone number for CBFC, New Delhi

011 – 24361456

Web site for CBFC, New Delhi


10 thoughts on “The process of acquiring a Censor certificate in New Delhi for short student films

    • Welcome…It was a long time back I don’t remember the exact time but I guess it took be about 3 weeks to get the certificate….

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really helpful. I am looking for certification of a 90 minute non educational documentary feature. Could you share what would be the things to be submitted for the same?


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