Is she taught tea war he !

Never mind the meaning.

Concentrate on what you are hearing.

I know a woman who is still a girl.

She is brave and she is strong.

She has got a big mouth but keeps lots of secrets.

She’s tough and fragile and self-absorbed.

She is skinny as a rail but still looks like a girl, just like the late Miss Hepburn.

I would like to secretly hope that one day she will get big and fat, but it’s so much fun to watch her eat. She’s so cute and unselfconscious and gleeful, stuffing her face, that anybody wouldn’t begrudge her eternal thinness.

She is enthusiastic and positive or mean and cynical, as the occasion dictates, but she is not one for wallowing in doubt or pooh-poohing, either way.

She is a woman who can stand with pride and admit when she is wrong.

She is not always wise but who thrives to always do her best.

She has long legs and long hair and a great big attitude I love.

She is stubborn and abrasive and funny and wise.

She is rarely surprised, often annoyed and loves to play games.

She is one of those confident women who seem bigger than they are.

She makes mistakes and works miracles, her decisions falter and her strength is tested everyday.

If you rub her shoulders or hug her, you will be surprised at how small and delicate she is. She has no cellulite.

She is secure but not vain.

I imagine her twenty years from now, the two of us sitting at some fancy hotel bar. She would be drinking Stoli Bloody Mary or Beefeater martinis dirty and dry, scoffing at men like they are children and she knows better.

She is full of righteous indignation and doesn’t mind making a scene.

She never, ever plays the fool.

She’s lonely a lot.

She’s got the best body of any woman I know. She has Smoky black eyes and a dent in her forehead. She has got T&A and a huge brain. She has got a little green something sticking to her teeth visible only if you watch her closely when she smiles.

She watches movies like most people listen to music.

Traits I find upsetting in others are hilarious and endearing in her.

She is a woman who could stop a storm.

She is a woman who has super-powers and can read minds.

I don’t know if you know her.

But don’t tell me who is she taught tea war he is.

She and Mother Teresa have the same birthday.

Duh !


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