Exercises and observations in Cinematography

Painters became photographers. Photographers became cinematographer.

It’s important to dream and it’s also important to understand the language of visuals. The visual language is a unique language that can only be drawn. If people could write about it then they wouldn’t have painted it in the first place. It’s because there are some things that can’t be written about or can’t be sung about is the reason why paintings exist. Similarly there are things that can only be expressed through films. My job as a director is to produce such works which can only be understood through the language of films.

A meditative exercise to build an understanding of the relationship between different colours and shapes

Paint a big red square. Paint it so big that it covers your entire angle of view. You are basically trying to immerse your self into a sea of red. Now take a pencil and draw on top of that red square but what to draw? Close all windows and doors. Be in complete silence. Now gaze into that red square. You will observe a few patches of colours, sometimes different grades of red, sometimes different colours, sometimes a unique pattern, sometimes another smaller square or a face of someone. These images are projection of what your mind is thinking. With that pencil try and capture them. Draw the patterns. Draw the shades. Don’t worry if you can’t capture them fully. It’s the process which is important and not the final image. After a few days of doing this you would begin to understand about a language that can only be understood visually. It wouldn’t be bound by oral, aural, written or any other form of language. It would only be a visual language.


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