I don’t think I can love anyone anymore

Well my heart has broken so many times now that it has lost its will to love.

It has become a stone.

All it has are scars from the past, deforming it to its present state.

It has become an ugly black stone with rough edges.

If you come near then it will harm you.

It has become heavy with time and sinking in the soil gradually.

Inside the soil it might have some soft corners but they are too deep to be reached.

Only ants and termites live there.

I don’t know when they arrived.

Like sorrow they are eating me from the inside.

Making my stone heart their home.

Nourishing from my remains they grow,

As I forget the present and remember the past.

When did I last love somebody?

I ask myself this question again and again.

It seems quite fresh in my mind.

Those days of innocence.

With it they also bring the pain as if they were buried deep inside and I had to dig my heart for a beat

I remember now

Why I want to forget you

It wasn’t to hurt you but to punish myself.

For your presence made me realise it even more

That how far I was from your heart even when you stood so close to me

As you treated me like a stranger with a friend’s face

Like a glass wall

You saw through me

But you didn’t see me

And you won’t see me again

For my heart has turned to stone

Just like your eyes


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