Dreams, Laughter and other mysteries

  • A dream is a bearable fantasy of an unbearable truth
  • Laughter is a subtle form of sadism • Abstract thoughts are like dreams only.
  • Abstract thoughts evolve through experiences.
  • Experiences are memories
  • Memory is a recording of a certain sensory experience.
  • Decisions are our steps
  • Learning is the process of making a certain reaction a default reaction

What are Abstract thoughts?

Abstract thoughts are like dreams only; they give an imaginable form to a feeling rather than an exact proof of the event. Like the color that popped in to your mind when I said “a red hat”. You may have or may not have seen “a red hat” before but still you are able to imagine one. Maybe your red is a little darker than mine but in that your understanding of “a red hat” is reflected. Which is true, personal, pure and unique .Which in fact are the characteristics behind any creations. The four heads of Brahmaa, so to say.

What are memories?

Abstract thoughts evolve through experiences. Experiences are memories. Hence abstract thoughts are also absorbed memories. Are not they? Sometimes we remember the memories in one form but express it in a different one. Like the smell of my mum’s clothes. To me they remind me of a sense of care and security. We perceive the world through senses. Visual, Aural, Olfactory, Somatosensory, Gustatory, and Paranormal Sense. Intuition is the apparent ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason. Every human has these senses and uses them effectively. Intuition is actually a recorded event that has been passed to you through your genes and is embedded as a logical reaction in your subconscious.

What is Subconscious?

It is the Autopilot function of our brain. Autopilot helps us multitask. The subconscious can be described as a program that is monitoring and reacting to all our activities behind the scenes. Like for example when I am writing this article, I am also itching on my foot. It’s not a conscious step. It is happening automatically. Through previous experiences I have learnt about a certain response to a certain action which has yielded a solution, in this case the itching. So it has become a default reaction to that specific action.

What do we mean by learning?

Learning is a process for the brain to derive solutions using memory. The brain scans the memory to calculate the number of times a particular reaction to a particular action has yielded a particular result. Then it calculates its probability in relation to the current scenario and suggests a reaction. Then we decide;

Decisions what they are?

Decisions are the steps that are in our control. We control our reaction .We have the power to change a default reaction and as we all know that process is called learning.

How do we learn?

We learn by taking decisions. Our memory records the event .It records the result of that decision. Later when we are in a similar situation then our brain using the memory as a reference suggests different possible responses. For Example; I have been misspelling DECISIONS as DESICIONS till now. Every time I took the decision of spelling it incorrectly, the grammar check in this software highlighted it. After few repetitions I took the decision of spelling it as DECISION and not as DECISION. In the process I changed my default response. Ultimately my decision was the key to the change and it certainly is in my control.

How do we decide?

We deiced using our past experiences. Some get recorded and become default reactions and some become recorded data for yet to be evaluated decisions. Decisions can be biased or they can be neutral or they can be

The power of the present or Moksha.

Therefore whatever we present as art or understand as thoughts or any forms of expression are actually the result of the calculations that we do using memory which is a recording of a certain sensory experience. This then helps us decide. An experiment: show yourself a certain color every day and with it smell a certain scent. After a year’s time stop doing that. Then perhaps after a year’s time or maybe earlier whenever you would smell that certain scent and watch that color at the same time, you would be reminded of the times when you used to do this exercise. Even though I haven’t performed this experiment myself but I believe it might help. A different result may also be possible…


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