Why is a music education system important in India ?

Let me give you a reason to make people understand that it doesn’t matter whether you are a metal head or a Bollywood guy; you can make a living by just being a musician. You don’t have to go for a nine to five job just so that you can rent a place and practice with you band mates every Saturday night. You don’t have to struggle that hard.

Trinty, Berklee, Royal …………….etc all of these institutes are also platforms for musicians and not just for students. They employ them (musicians) because they need teachers .Berklee teaches you rock guitaring all the Dave Mathews and John Meyers are a product of Berklee. Trinity has started plectrum guitaring courses. Rockschool is there forall those headbangers.

So why can’t it happen to the Indian guitarist
Why cant there be a place where, be it a metal head or a classical or a Sufi musician they all get the opportunity to showcase there talents plush earn a lively hood.

Teaching Music is a vast field and there are very few musicians who are willing to start a moment in uniting every musician to join forces and make such an endeavor possible and successful.

Follow Joe Satriani for god sake, he is a musician and a professor of music and a lot more famous and richer then Warren Mendosa (Former Guitarist for Zero. Check out his album though “Black Strat Blues” ,Great stuff!) or any other “rock guitarist”. How dumb can you be to figure that out? Warren mendosa is a great Indian guitarist, is that where his fortune fades because he is Indian? Isn’t there an alternative way?

We should support the efforts by Guitarmonk in starting a small movement to raise consciousness among Indian people about music and also profiting the Indian musician to earn a decent lively hood just by playing music .


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